Right-First-Time Delivery

One of the first main areas in which Zipp Labs is developing and applying it’s innovative “sensor-to-web” concepts, is home delivery, where “Right-First-Time” delivery is a rapidly growing challenge on a global scale. E-commerce and Online shopping is big and growing fast. In The Netherlands 19% of consumer spending in 2013 was online and this is expected to grow to 36% in 2020.

Around 500,000 home deliveries per day are made by various logistic service providers and over 30% of them are not delivered at the first attempt. This increases costs and causes inconvenience to the customer. With an ever increasing number of home deliveries, this is becoming a bigger and more urgent challenge every day.

Zipp Labs has developed intelligent software and smart devices protected by
Intellectual Property rights.

Zipp Labs Applications

  • ŸAre quick to deploy
  • Lower the costs for a.o. Supply Chains with limited Capex
  • ŸEnhance consumer satisfaction
  • Vastly improves logistic processes and other activities around private homes & businesses
  • Offer fringe benefits, financially and otherwise, to users of its applications
  • Contribute to a greener environment
  • Provide ‘Big Data’, allowing its customers to better manage their activities

Zipp Labs is currently developing a variety of mobile apps and proprietary software. Watch its website for news and updates or contact us for more detailed information.