About Zipp Labs

Who we are

Zipp Labs is a Technology company based in Barendrecht and on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Specializing in the field of Delivery/Logistics and related fields utilizing advanced wireless patented “Sensor-to-Web” concepts as primary platforms.

The Zipp Labs team is composed of entrepreneurial developers with vast experience in mobile connectivity and the internet-of-things, having developed a range of potentially successful business opportunities.

The core development team has extensive experience in developing technically advanced connectivity products, including significant Silicon Valley experience. The Zipp Labs concepts have game changing potential with global scalability. These concepts can best be described as Sensor-to-Web applications and are all centered around the connectivity between devices and the internet within the domain of the Internet of Things.

Our applications:

  • Are quick to deploy
  • Are lowering the costs of Supply Chains
  • Are enhancing consumer satisfaction
  • Are materially improving logistic processes and other activities around private homes and logistics
  • Are attractive for businesses due to a range of functionalities
  • Are offering fringe benefits to users of its applications
  • Are contributing to a smaller carbon footprint
  • Are providing ‘Big Data’

Zipp Labs has developed a variety of hardware, mobile apps and proprietary software.