Reach 100% of customers via Smart Home integration

Open a new communication channel with guaranteed reach
by helping customers manage couriers and visitors at the door.

Guaranteed reach of the Corporate app

Zipp Labs’ products offer companies guaranteed reach of mobile app communication by providing White Label Smart Home solutions. 

Following Smart Home integration in a customer app, 100% reach of push notification marketing is attainable. This, to every customer that has their own company branded ZippAlert.

Zipp opens new avenues for revenue models, lower advertising costs and native advertising whilst stimulating Brand Loyalty.

Food Service & Retail

Webshops & Marketplaces

Telecom Operators

Insurance Companies

Energy Suppliers


The all-in-one solution offering customers peace of mind regarding parcel deliveries & visitors

An easy to install button above the doorbell, that works with an app. 

Allowing Residents to communicate efficiently with couriers and visitors, but also get notified of an arriving friend or courier before they are at the door. 

With ZippAlert, customers will never miss parcels or visitors again. No more trips to pick-up points. 

Connect with visitors via:





ZippAlert assures:

100% reach

Low cost communication with customers with guaranteed reach.

New channel for corporates

Happy Residents

Parcels are always delivered First-Time-Right, in or around the home.

No more missed visitors

Fewer emissions

No more trips to pick-up points for residents, no more second delivery attempts.

Reduced traffic

Happy Couriers

Couriers often only get paid per successful delivery at a resident's home.

First-Time-Right Delivery

The solution for
First-Time-Right delivery of parcels

Couriers with access to Zipp’s network save a lot of time, money and Carbon emissions in the delivery of parcels. 

ZippAlert was developed with solving The Final 50 Feet of parcel deliveries in mind. Being the distance between the delivery van and the front door of the Resident, entailing up to 53% of Last Mile delivery costs. 

ZippAlert allows for timely and precise notification to Residents regarding arriving deliveries, on-the-spot troubleshooting and additional services for authorizing neighbors to sign for parcels.  

About Zipp Labs

Zipp Labs is a Tech company, founded at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven and currently based in Barendrecht, The Netherlands.

The Zipp Labs team is composed of entrepreneurial developers with vast experience in mobile connectivity and the internet-of-things, having developed a range of successful business opportunities.

The team has an extensive background in developing advanced connectivity products and has ample Silicon Valley experience. 


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