A Tech company:

    - Specializing in smart, residential alert systems

    - Solving real-world problems for homeowners

    - Creating marketing opportunities for Corporates connected to the domestic domain

Zipp Labs

Zipp Labs is a Tech company, initiated at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven in 2014 and based in Barendrecht, The Netherlands.

Zipp Labs’ primary focus is on facilitating deliveries and visitors in and around the house, utilizing advanced, wireless ‘Sensor-to-Web’ concepts as platforms. 

Its ZippAlert portfolio provides homeowners with peace of mind, while offering corporates (operating in the residential domain) unique Marketing Communication opportunities. 

The Zipp Labs team is composed of entrepreneurial developers with vast experience in mobile connectivity and the internet-of-things, having developed a range of successful business opportunities.

The core development team has an extensive background in developing technically advanced connectivity products and has significant Silicon Valley experience. 

ZippAlert® Portfolio

ZippAlert® was initially developed to ensure Right-First-Time delivery geared to ‘the last 50 yards’ of parcel deliveries. The development was based on the premise that managing deliveries of packages at the door are a growing ‘pain’ for residents and couriers alike.

The current situation often leads to a substantial percentage of packages not delivered Right-First-Time for non-food products. 

For food products this percentage is considerably less, but the consequences of non-delivery are often more severe.

This pain is a result of residents who:

Best-in-class solutions

ZippAlert offers ultimate solutions for these issues and offers strong benefits to all stakeholders involved.

ZippAlert in addition:

ZippAlert® and Corporates connected with the Residential domain

Delivery was, until recently, a capstone, but has now become a structural part of marketing.

Reviews are for 70% based upon delivery issues, rather than on the products themselves.

Delivery problems are leading to higher costs, are disrupting the Customer Experience and are lowering NPS-scores.
They also have a negative impact on MVO and sustainability goals of Corporates connected to the Domestic domain.

Corporates such as:

They are ideally suited to make the ZippAlert available to their customers at attractive conditions. 

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About Zipp Labs

Zipp Labs wants to make a sustainable impact on social problems resulting from increased ‘traffic at the front door’, driven by the growth of E-commerce.

Many parties in the supply chain have come up with partial solutions that lead to suboptimal improvements. ZippLabs has found a comprehensive solution for this problem in the form of ZippAlert.

The company wishes to make ZippAlert a standard for as many residents as possible.

Zipp Labs will do so by using a broad range of Product-Market Combinations and partnerships that may differ per geography.

Zipp Labs has an extensive intellectual property portfolio, in line with its plans to partially distribute its ZippAlert via Partnerships & Licensing.


Zipp Labs has had an extensive development trajectory that resulted in being market ready as of Q3 2022.

Until 2018

Zipp Labs researched and started initial development of the logistical and technical components of its product range.

In 2019

The conceptual development of the first ZippAlert generation initiated.

In 2020 & 2021

Development of the soft- and hardware components commenced in collaboration with Studio Sophisti and Arrow Electronics. At the same time building the IP-portfolio to protect the concepts.

In the end of 2021 the Minimum Viable Product was completed and CE-certified.

In 2022

Hardware and software development has been completed, making the product range ready for introduction. In Q4 the initial market introduction started and certain parties have been approached for market exclusivity in different geographies.

As of 2023

Products are available and ready for commercial introduction.