Create new revenue models by facilitating First-Time-Right delivery

Open up a marketing channel with 100% reach, profit of Courier Services

Most Customer apps are ineffective for communication

Often only 30% of customers are reachable via Customer Apps.   

Reaching customers nowadays requires an effective multi-channel marketing strategy, using TV, Print, Social Media or E-mail. Quite often paired with a high expenditure and low conversion.

Zipp offers a low-cost solution to get 100% of customers to use the customer facing app.  

Guarantee 100% downloads & opt-in

Guarantee 100% downloads and notification opt-in of the Customer Facing app.

By making ZippAlert as smart home solution available with company branding to customers and integrating it in the Customer app.

Customers with a company branded ZippAlert will need to download the app and opt-in for notifications to be able to use the hardware. 

Open a communication channel with customers

Find out how in the animation

Low-cost communication

Communicating with 100% reach via the Customer app is possible at substantially lower costs than other media. 

Stimulate Brand Loyalty

Offering customers a useful everyday solution strengthens their bond to the brand.

New revenue models

ZippAlert offers customers a lot of functionalities that make their lives easier. No more missed parcels. 

Cost savings

To use Zipp, customers have to download the customer app of the company and opt-in for notifications.  

Native advertising with 100% reach

Functional notifications of the white label ZippAlert can be dressed with first- or third party marketing messages. 

Allowing companies to recoup their investment via partner advertising whilst stimulating conversion. Customers with Zipp are also 100% receptive for rich pushnotifications. 

Facilitating the possibility of 24/7 communication with 100% reach. To be used for content distribution or native advertising. 

Stimulate Brand Loyalty

Customers see ZippAlert as a valuable service and link its use to the company that provided it to them. 

With every use of its functionalities for managing parcel deliveries and visitors at the door, the goodwill is attributed to the brand. 

Stimulating Brand Loyalty by aiding residents in solving daily challenges at their doors. 

Benefit customers

Once made available to them via a myriad of ways, customers with Zipp can: 

  • Leave messages for visitors or couriers at the door, when they have to step out of the door.
  • Have audio, video, chat or voicemail contact with visitors at the door.
  • Get notified of arriving friends or couriers before they are at the door. 

Zipp gives customers Peace of Mind regarding visitors and couriers at the door. With no more trips to parcel pick-up points as a result. 

Low Cost - High Return

ZippAlert as white label smart home solution is available at very favourable conditions in comparison to substitute solutions. 

Zipp leads to enhanced customer communication with 100% reach and keeps customers connected to the brand on a daily basis. 

Zipp-integration in a customer app leads to:

  • Improved Brand Loyalty
  • Reduced advertising costs
  • Higher Average Revenues Per User
  • New advertising revenue streams

Delivery revenues

Third party logistics service providers can connect to the Zipp Delivery Network. Saving them time and costs in deliveries.

By opening up the network, other parties can improve the service offered to customers and benefit as well. 

Companies with their own Zipp network can charge Logistics Service Providers a fee for the use of the delivery network. 

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