Managing parcels & visitors
at the door with ease

Low cost, more functionalities

No more missed visitors

Communicate with visitors using Audio, Video, Chat or Voicemail. 

Parcels always delivered

Communicate with couriers about delivery alternatives nearby home. No more trips to pickup points.

Always hear the doorbell

Get notified of arriving friends or couriers when they arrive in the street or are at the door.

Neighbourhood privacy

No camera running 24/7, Zipp only facilitates video when it is really needed. 

No more missed parcels,
bothering of neighbours
or trips to pickup points

Parcels always delivered at the right spot

ZippAlert lets residents to leave messages for visitors at the door in case of their absence. 

Allowing them to leave delivery instructions for couriers or to notify visitors they are at the neighbors. 

No message? A visitor at the door can always contact the resident via the resident’s webpage. 

Get notified of visitors before they are at the door

Friends and couriers with the Zipp app can gain access permission to a ZippAlert owner’s Beacon signal. 

Acquaintances and couriers can then automatically connect to the Resident’s ZippAlert, allowing them to visit the Resident’s webpage.

ZippAlert owners automatically get notified once a visitor or courier connects within 50 metres of ZippAlert. 

Communicate with visitors at the door

Visitors at the door can scan the ZippAlert with their phone or connect from a distance to visit the Resident’s webpage. 

Visitors can then see the message that has been left or request contact with the Resident.

Residents pick the form of contact: via (one- or two-sided) audio, video, chat or voicemail. 


Made for every household

ZippAlert has been made for every household. To be installed by anyone, working with every existing doorbell system. 

Accommodations like apartment blocks can use one ZippAlert at the main entrance, shared amongst all addresses. 

ZippAlert is easy to install, made to last and of quality materials.

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